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Small appreciation gifts

So, I am wondering what small gifts I can get to say think you?

I have to give a HUGE thank you to my realtor and loan agents for going the 200 extra miles on my behalf. I want to do something nice but would rather not spend a fortune since this move is a huge financial deal. I also want to take something cute to my husbands relatives that we will meet up with Thanksgiving weekend.

I need to come up with some unique and reasonable choices for both of these things.
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While at the MOCA today I saw that they had holiday cards. Not only that, but they actually had some that were by pop-surrealist and not just contemporary fine artist. They had cards by Mark Ryden, the Clayton Brothers, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup, and Gary Baseman. Now I can spread my love of pop-surrealism (aka lowbrow) with my friends and family who have not been bitten by the bug. The cards are on the MOCA Store site, but the page is kinda f'd up.

Here are the cards I got below. There is one by Tim Biskup that I don't have an image of.

Gary Baseman

Baseman again

Two by the Clayton Brothers

Camille Rose Garcia

This has always been one of my favorite of Ryden's

baby shower problem

I am usually not at a loss when it comes to gift buying. For me it's just guilt free shopping.

My sister in law is having her second baby (a boy this time) she registered at two places, but either didn't ask for much or I just got to it way too late. We want to get something nice, I just don't know what.
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Check out the December issue of Martha Stewart. I know, I know she's a snobby bitch, but none of these clever ideas really come from her, and I still find lots of great things in her magazine. Especially the holiday issues.

There are a couple of holiday planners on the site. I still like the one I got from Family Fun. But here are the others "Martha S. Style", Ultimate Holiday Planner, Counting Down Checklist, and Helpful Hints.

These are for a kid x-mas project, but I love them, I am tempted to make some myself. Here are my three favorites.

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I ran out of paper already so I am thinking of adding a new one in the same color families, wonder if it will still work.

These are the three I started with (see last post).

Thinking of adding one of these. The red dot would be perfect, but I might get another as well.

Ribbon choices

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It's half wrapped

As most of you know I have been on a mission to get my holiday shopping done early this year. It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I am almost all done with my shopping. Not only the shopping, but also most of the wrapping.

I picked a wrapping theme for this year, and it will match my holiday card. I put on the wrapping paper on a lot of the gifts. This is my base. Now the hard part starts. I have a few weeks now to complete the handmade part of the wrapping.

Here are my base colors; pink, white, and red. It's going to look incredible when I am done. Have a look so far.