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goth baby shower [Jul. 1st, 2007|12:19 pm]
Gift Sugar-Plums


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I posted this on my journal and meant to post it here and forgot. I loved this wrapping, and it went over very well.

this is the gift from this previous post.

It didn't come out quite the way I wanted, this was the plan B version. It was still way too killer for words.

This was the gift for my friend Deb's goth baby shower. I will post shower images later.

There was also a copy of Bella and Boris. I wanted to keep it so bad.

Originally I wanted to do this web over the flocked paper. It got messed up when I applied it. So I went with the suggested ribbon web instead. This would have been so cool if I didn't mess it up.

My gift went over well none the less.

ok I really need to get to bed. It's going on 2am and I work today.